Welcome to the 21st century. In the wake of the recession, foreclousures, lay offs and pay cuts. The desire and demand for online jobs and work from home programs are at an all time high. Among us are Single moms like me that must supplement our incomes to pay a mortgage thats sky high or my neighbors that were a two income home until layoffs left with no income at all, and don’t get me started on the high cost of living and the gas prices that we all bear the burden of.
I am Tami Daughtery of North Carolina Via Chicago and this is a review that focuses on the most popular and hottest online jobs of 2009. If its online believe me, I bought it and there are scams galore out there so be careful. I am only reviewing the three most popular online job programs this year to save others time and money,(and we all could use a bit more of both these days. I applied the programs precisely for the last 60 days. It is important to note that I attended to each online job as suggested and applied no extra hours of work, nor did I neglect to apply myself as if the work would get done on its own.

The three most popular online jobs of 2009 are http://www.surveyscout.com/, http://www.thehomejobstops.com/, and http://www.thetwitteronlinesystem.com/
Lets start with Survey Scout. I know, I know we all have been skeptical about surveys, and I personally have had bad experience with them ,but for the sake of the popularity of this system I had to try it.
I must admit that once you join and begin logging in, the process is simple and couldn’t get any easier. The fee to join is moderate and is small enough not to cry or complain about. You will have to fork over a bit of personal information like what you like to buy and your gender and race, but that’s as far as it goes, once you finish registering you get a $10.00 credit just for signing up, and you are done until you are emailed for a survey. That’s were the problem comes in, once you get the email and log in you find out that the survey pays $2.00 to complete. I thinking 2 bucks for 2 minutes is very good, except for the fact that the survey takes 15 minutes to finish. Now after 5 of these 2 dollar surveys within a 2 day period I said “well 50 bucks a week is at least gas money “ until the end of the week came and I tried to withdraw the 35 dollars plus the 10 dollars they gave me just for joining and I found out that you must have a least $250.00 in credits to withdraw them and transfer the money to your account. it took me 7 weeks to get the account to 257.50 and then another 2 weeks to get the cash in hand . Two months for 257.50 and a total of 29 hours and 15 minutes. Great for gas money but 257.50 every 2 months will not even cover my mortgage payment for one month.
Second in line is http://www.thehomejobstops.com/, and this program is awesome, great for single moms like me, the website is very simple just like the program it self, no bells and whistles or music with voice instruction on this one.

As you join the process is simple like survey scout, except you don’t have to give information that you might feel uncomfortable with, like race, gender etc. The price to join is minimal and well worth it once to start up as long as you plan to actually work. Once you have registered and get inside the site , you will have a broad selection of different jobs to choose from. Like email responder, customer service representative, article writer, data entry, even video security and Customer Reps for Home Shopping Network as well as QVC. After you choose a job, (and I suggest that you choose several like I did) all there is left to do is sit back and wait for the employer’s response. I had 2 employers respond in 4 days, 2 responded in 7 days and the last 5 all responded on day 14 and 16. Problem is that by the time day 14 and 16 came I was already working 2 jobs, one as a Customer Service Rep and the other as a data entry clerk so I only had time to take up one more job which was email responder. You are going to want to take only one job that you have to speak with customers, unless you work as a customer service rep in the day, and then again at night.FYI: NIGHT SHIFTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. So I worked as a customer service rep for HSN in Tampa, FL from 8:30am till 5:00pm with only two 15 minute breaks which is way too short for an 8 hour work day, then I started as a email responder at a Utility company in Atlanta, GA from 10:00am till 5:30pm, and at 2:00pm I started as a data entry clerk for a artchitet firm in San Diego, CA and ended the shift at 8:15pm with one 15 min. break. I did this all from Raleigh, NC, so you can do this from absolutely anywhere. The jobs were like any other job as far as work load except there’s no boss over your back, you simply log on to the employers virtual office system and you just pushed the clock. I even took a day off to take my daughter lexi to the doctor and all I had to do was email the virtual office supervisor, calling in is not needed. I must admit the email responder is too easy, and I consider it unfair compared to the others but it does pay the least per week at 350.00 per week for 35 hours. The data entry was easy, but only if you are good at entering numbers and words with little mistakes and can keep up with the work load because its a lot of information to enter, this pay was 425.00 per week for 30 hours. The customer service job paid the most but does not pay by the week, but instead by the day and that pay is $96.00 a day which equaled $ 480.00 for 40 hours. It is important to note that you have the choice of having your taxes withdrawn or signing a w-9 form to pay your taxes your self and being paid in full (which is what I did). After 2 and a half weeks I got all three wires, one on Thursday night, one on Friday morning, and the last one on Friday around 1:00pm which kind of freaked me out. my only complaint is that the breaks are too small, and no real lunch period included in your day, but I guess sitting at home is a big enough break, besides that I think it is so unfair that the employers don’t all get back at the same time, because you may take a job and 2 weeks later another employer may offer you a better paying job with better hours, ( I already wrote them a letter that this should be fixed ). Last note is that you must log in on time, just because you don’t speak to anyone doesn’t mean that they are not watching what you are doing. At the end of 60 days I had made $7,735.00, working 3 jobs and just another reminder that this is gross before taxes.

Lastly, there is http://www.thetwittweronlinesystem.com/, this one screams tough guy, it’s the type of site that manly men would love and be great at the program. Has all the bells and whistles of a site and program that cost the creator a pretty penny, DOES IT WORK? Sure does, but it is more for entrepenuers, and those that are driven to be business owners. The money making potential far surpasses all other systems I have tired.

What is great about this site and program is that they verbally walk you through everything, so for those of you that are not readers, this one will be heaven. The fee to get the program is a few more bucks then the other two, but it will not break the bank and is so worth it to learn how to use the internet’s hottest trend to make money. Think of it as if you bought a how to guide in 1999 on how to profit on EBAY. IT’S THAT BIG OF A DEAL. Once you join, you will be exposed to strategies and blueprints on how to drive buyers from twitter to your products or the products of others and you get a commission for it, and big commission for it. I decided to partner up with a company that was paying $35.00 to refer buyers to their site. NOTE: to partner with these companies is as easy as clicking your mouse, no emails or waiting for a response, just a few clicks and you’re a partner. There are thousands of companies that are there to partner up with. Companies that sell adult content, poker/gambling, weight loss, etc . What ever you can think of there is a company that wants to pay you to send people to their website. Anyway I got a partnership with a company that has a weight loss product that was endorsed by Beyon’ce and she was on the Oprah Winfrey show when she talked about it. I then opened up a twitter account and personalized it and began using the strategies to drive traffic. Now for the sake of http://www.thetwitteronlinesystem.com/, and its owners, I will not publish the strategies, but I will say that they are so simple and easy that a 14 year old can do it, and do it well. So I used only 3 of the techniques in the program on a brand new twitter acct and within 9 days I had 40 friends, and 7 referal sales equaling $245.00, all from my computer investing a total of 9 hours, that’s 1 hour per day. I was so very sure that this would not work because 1 hour of work just makes me feel like I’m not working, but as explained in the program, it’s not how many hours you put in as much as it is you putting in something everyday. The example given is, if you decided to save money at 10 bucks a day, it doesn’t sound like much cause its lunch money but at the end of the month its $300.00 dollars, now that’s car note money.
To tell you the truth I really did not get into this program as much as I could have, remember I was working all the jobs from this review at the same time, and since I didn’t have to punch a clock on this one, I kind of handled it with a slack hand. I kept using the same strategies and never switched up or devoted any more then 1 hour per day 7 days a week, and on long 3 day weekends I only worked it 6 days for those weeks. At the end of 60 days I made $2,195.00. NOTE: I received my first check in the mail 3 weeks into the program, also there may be a case or two where someone buys the product 2 or 3 times by mistake, you will get paid for all of them initially, but once its sorted out those extra purchases will be deducted from your check and the customer refunded for the extra purchases.

So there it is the 3 hotest and most popular online money making programs that are sweeping the nation. I think the results from http://www.surveyscout.com/ speak for them selves, cant say it doesn’t make money ,but its more like gas money. http://www.thetwitteronlinesystem.com/ performs very well for the time invested, but I must say that I like knowing exactly how much I’m going to get paid, so I would only do this one while doing another job that paid me a guaranteed amount per week or month. Call me old fashion but corporate America has conditioned me to prefer that type of work, So in my opinion the http://www.thehomejobstops.com/ is the best for a girl like me, now I know that there are plenty of people that will do the math and say that the twitter online system is better if you put more hours in, but I can not say that because I didn’t put many hours in, and I can not and will not give a good review based on potential alone, although I will admit that it sure would have been nice to see how much more money I would have made. So in conclusion if you want gas money go to http://www.surveyscout.com/, for flat rate money it’s http://www.thehomejobstops.com/, and for quick money or as I call it, lazy money try http://www.thetwitteronlinesystem.com/